Creating big ecosystem in Kara-Balta

Our big goal is to create a Technology Hub, provide jobs, and fight computer illiteracy

Computer literacy for city residents

Teaching modern professions

Grants and investments for startups

Employments with decent pay

The project is based on joint work with schools

Schools are woefully short of computer science teachers. Our task is to give knowledge of the basics of
programming and improve computer literacy so that children and teens can confidently
confidently use computers.

We hold free master classes and basic programming courses at schools on a regular basis.

We also held a course in Word and Excel for teachers at School No. 5 in Kara-Balta.

Figures from 2019


students trained at it academy Kara-Balta


students were trained on a full-time scholarship


of students at a free programming camp


Students in grades 7-11 participated in the «Hour of Code

it academy. Preparing Professionals

Our courses:

✔️ Python + Django

✔️ Android (Java + Kotlin)

✔️ Javascript + React

✔️ Basics of programming

✔️ UX/UI Design + WordPress

To improve the quality of education, we developed our own LMS-platform with Personal account for the student

Kids' Programming

We have everything to start learning modern technology and computer

There are cases when children, when they come to us, do not know how to turn on the computer. It’s very unfortunate, and we are working on improving computer literacy for elementary school students.

✔️ Basics of Programming

✔️ Office applications

✔️ Mailroom

✔️ Printing Speed

✔️ App Inventor Mobile Apps


Terms for startups

At the end of January 2022, we held a Hackathon with experts from Bishkek.

The purpose of the Hackathon was to develop entrepreneurial skills in young people and help them realize their ideas. Two projects were selected, and at the moment we are helping young people to implement their ideas.

The first project is the creation of a detailed digital map of the city. The second project is tracking of public transport in the city of Kara-Balta. Both projects were put forward by Kara-Balta schoolchildren.

Our foundation has held its own Hackathon and is currently providing financial assistance in the implementation of projects. The grant amount is 150,000 soms.

Who is supporting us


Computer for Study

Provide a working laptop or computer for successful education and receiving modern profession

Wi-Fi for work

In the office we provide high-speed Internet to work comfortably and without delays

Seminars and workshops

We create a community of designers and developers in Kara-Balta, and learn from professionals

A new comfortable office

We are specifically preparing a new office to take a big step forward — to improve quality education and provide jobs for those who live in Kara-Balta and work with the world!

Benefits for foreign companies

1% VAT
5% TAX

Favorable HTP taxes

from 4$/m
per month

Low rental cost

kw per hour

Cheap electricity

Dev, UX/UI,

Prepared programmers' teams

Enthusiasm is the driving force

The main task is to create opportunities, and finances will come in the process.

Our team

Ivan Katuntsev

Director of the Foundation

Sabina Kibarova

Director of the it academy

Shirin Mukanbetova

Supervisory council member

Pavel Trubinov

Development Manager

Let's work together!

This project is completely social, so we are always happy for any help our partners provide. At the moment, we are attracting various resources to open additional classes and increase study places in the city of Kara-Balta. 

If you have the opportunity to help, please contact us and we will discuss how we can be useful to you as a token of gratitude. For example, we can make a website for your company :

Public Foundation “Artwaga Foundation“

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+996 707 48 48 46

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